Rack & Roll Shelving

Modern Tire Storage Products

Maximize your valuable automotive parts storage space with Montel’s RACK&ROLL SHELVING.  Mobile tire racks, high-density space saving drawers, workstations, heavy-duty drawer cabinets, shelving  systems, bins, we have it all!  Call us today for a free consultation. 601-397-6452 or 601-750-7144

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Automated Storage and Retrieval

Warehouse Automated Storage and Retrieval

  Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) provide flexible, high density material handling solutions saving operations up to 85% floor space while dramatically increasing productivity through “goods to person” delivery.  FSM has installed Vertical Lift Modules throughout the Southeastern states for markets such as military, manufacturing, warehousing, aeronautics, healthcare, education and distribution centers and local government. Ideal for…

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Cold Storage Solutions

Cold Storage Healthcare Solutions

  FSM CAN HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR COLD STORAGE SPACE!   MOBILE STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR COLD STORAGE CONCERNS   COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun and has created high demand for cold storage warehousing, as vaccines require climate-controlled environments.   But vacancy rates for cold storage warehouses in North America were already too low before the…

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