About Us

Filing and Storage of Mississippi, LLC, was created to serve people and organizations that want great service, creative solutions and a commitment to excellence.  We are a team of filing and storage products professionals.  Maximizing time and space is our specialty.

Filing and Storage of Mississippi, LLC is a locally owned company based in Jackson, MS.  Our team has more than fifty years of industry experience that can be used for you today!  A solution for your filing or storage needs could be a simple alpha label for a file folder or it can be an electrically operated high density mobile shelving system.  If you are planning a new building, renovating your space, moving, or you simply need to improve your current system, we can help.

Many of our filing and storage solutions have included high density mobile shelving, stationary shelving, rotary files, bins and shelves,  mail room furniture, museum cases, parts and accessories storage, art rack, weapons rack, office furniture, library shelving, library furniture, box storage shelving, multilevel systems (mezzanines), shop cabinets, customized intellectual property folders, labels, case binders, document scanning services, document imaging software, document imaging hardware and microfilm conversion.


    • Document Storage Solutions                                                                                                                  
    • Records Storage
    • Filing Systems
    • Mobile Shelving
    • Document Management
    • Fileroom Shelving
    •  Shelf Racks
    •  Storage Systems
    •  Sliding Shelves
    •  Stackable Shelves
    •  Mobile Filing
    •  Office Filing Systems
    •  Systems Shelving
    •  Shelving Units
    •  Spinning Files
    •  Rotary Files                                                                                       
    •  Racking                                                                                              
    •  Metal Racks 
    •  File Storage Systems                                                          
    •  Rotating Files
    •  Bi File
    •  Lateral Track Filing
    •  Labels
    •  Tri File
    •  Steel Shelving
    •  Microfilm Cabinets
    •  Storage Cabinets
    •  Four Post Shelving
    •  Library Shelving
    •  Weapons Rack
    •  Commercial Shelving
    •  Workstations
    •  Custom Labels
    •  Custom File Folders
    •  Book Shelves                                                          
    •  Library Furniture
    •  Mezzanine
    •  Warehouse Shelving
    •  Shelves that Slide                                  
    •  Periodicals Shelving
    •  Evidence Lockers
    •  Industrial Shelving
    •  Pharmacy Storage
    •  Heallthcare Storage
    •  Hospital Storage
    •  Lean Materials Management


Client Testimonial:

“I just wanted to thank you for your unwavering attention, on-time delivery and excellent installation of the Space Pro High Density Mobile Shelving System.  It was the end of the fiscal year every day counted.  The fact that you delivered when you promised and had the HD shelves up and operational in three days was simply amazing.  That brings me to your installers.  Since the new facility was not populated, I had to remain on-site.  Your installers were the most hard-working and knowledgeable men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  If the need arises in the future,  I know I will be able to count on you and your staff to deliver an excellent product on-time.




Jeff Kresge

Mississippi Department of Health, First Steps Coordinator